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Holy Tomatoes equips the church with meaningful data for informed decision making and programming. You will gain valuable insight into the churchgoer’s experience with timely, pertinent feedback in the form of ratings. And with a detailed user profile, you’ll have access to important demographics that include age, gender, ethnicity, denomination, etc… Create customized surveys for your congregants. Eliminate the guesswork and move forward with confidence knowing that your members’ voices have been heard.

Holy Tomatoes will promote your events for users within your church vicinity, giving you greater visibility in your community. You will be able to determine interest for your special event and anticipate how many may be in attendance.

With each gathering, use Holy Tomatoes to provide sermon notes, bible study guides and lesson materials so your members never miss a point.

This innovative technology allows you to conduct meetings with on and offsite attendees. You’ll never have to table important items due to quorum requirements. Formerly tedious tasks become simple with systems for vote tallying and dispersing agenda notes and materials.


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Holy Tomatoes is a dynamic, multi-faceted app that connects the community and the church. Our vision is the same for both member and church leader: growth. Grow your faith, grow your ministry.

March 3, 2016

Church Technology: The Message vs. the Method

“If the Church doesn’t catch up on technology and reach people where they are, it will become irrelevant.” That was the line that ignited a Twitter debate between myself and a multitude of people as […]

March 1, 2016

Digital Giving and Millennials

One of the most frequently cited and widely used reasons for the rapid growth of digital giving over the past decade is the proportionate decline in check writing during that time. And the trend continues. In fact, according to […]

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